Recent comments: SappY love said: Why do they do this to me cousinAnonymous said: Why are peoples salaries being put on line?Anonymous said: Dear Sirs: I would appreciate it if you will delete my name from my former salary and list me as An...Anonymous said: 2014 data has just been released by UC. When will it be available here? You were so quick to update ...Anonymous said: UC says they'll have 2014 ready sometime next month... Anonymous said: Whats up with 2014 and 2015? roseville public lib said: i miss you Noel Gundestrup myymee7 at g mail Anonymous said: Students who help pay your salary have a right to know how much professors are making. Especially wh...Anonymous said: Transparency of information maybe your "ideal" goal here but please mindful that the information in ...Anonymous said: Please remove my name and information. I do not want this disclosed to Public. http://california-emp...

Update: Data now available for 2014

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