Recent comments: Anonymouse said: Transparency is great, but so is context. I work at one of UC's medical centers, which is almost ex...Anonymous said: Are you... triggered? You didn't read your contract close enough. Publicly published government in...Ticked off taxpayer said: So a UC Dean gets paid more than the President of the United States? WTF is wrong with this picture?Anonymous said: The only one's outraged by the public information when you work at a PUBLIC institution with public ...Anonymous said: I did not sign a contract to have my salary on google search which is what your website propagates. ...fuck you people said: who ever the cocksucker is that publishes this information should be ass fucked by a baseball bat Anonymous said: Hey people UC is a public institution and this salary info is public, so get over itAnonymous said: And because you work for a public university its public knowledge what you are paid. No violation Anonymous said: Sorry Juveria, but just because you are offended, it doesn't mean that it's a violation of privacy.Anonymous said: Who is this site administrator? I am offended at having my salary posted on this site. It's a violat...

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